Digital payments made easy with

Intelligent accounts payable automation

Pay, get paid, and manage your payments process from one place.

Built for smarter business payments

Easy accounts payable

Save 50% of time on AP. auto-enters invoice info for your review. Route bills and review notes through your pre-determined approval workflows.

Fast accounts receivable

Get paid 2x faster. Send digital invoices, set automated reminders, and choose electronic payments to speed up accounts receivable.

Easy document storage and audit trails

Retrieve any document, vendor records, or proof-of-payment quickly and see transparent, time-stamped audit trails for every transaction.

Manage payments on the go

The mobile app gives the freedom to review, approve, and pay no matter where your business takes you.

International Payments

Pay international vendors simply and cost-effectively using the same process as domestic payments, with VIP rates available for qualified participants.

Centralized, secure payment workspace

Schedule and send payments by ACH, wire transfer, Vendor Direct virtual card, or check. Data in transit is encrypted using industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Benefits for your business

Whether you're focused on paying or getting paid, simplifies the entire process.
Smart data entry - done for you

Intelignent Virtual Assistant (IVA) automatically captures and enters invoice and other information for your review.

Stay in sync—data is never entered twice automatically syncs with top accounting software, keeping your books consistent and speeding up reconcilliation.

Expand the way you pay

Pay your domestic and international vendors using the same simple process. Options include ACH payments, international wires, Vendor Direct virtual card payments, or checks.

Gain visibility and control

View pending approvals, sent invoices, and payment activity in a glance from the dashboard.

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