Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you will find answers to the many of the questions asked by our site visitors and clients regarding our services. Please feel free to contact us if you have your questions are not answered below or if you would like a consultation. All communication with us is confidential and will never be posted to our website or in other marketing materials without your permission.

What we do for you?

We can help you use QuickBooks better – From the startup process to data file clean-up, from answering your QuickBooks questions to managing add-on software integration, we’ve got you covered! Attend one of our online QuickBooks classes or invite us to your office to train you and your staff.

We can help you work efficiently – We can get you organized, so you can locate your information.  We can help you do QuickBooks right, so your data file is correct! Do you have too much to do? We can show you how to manage your time or assist with any of the bookkeeping and accounting process via cloud access.

We can help you understand your business’ finances – What is a profit and loss? What is a balance sheet? What is a cash flow statement and what does it tell me? We can teach you to understand what these reports mean, show you how your business is performing and provide insights in how to grow.

We can solve problems – We have assisted clients with making smart business decisions by performing cost analysis, business mentorship & coaching, and strategy development. We are your idea exchange resource for unbiased feedback, your creative counterpart, and your problem solver.

We help you select new software – 60% of businesses select the wrong software for their business. 50% of mid-level software never gets installed or used. We can show you how to select the right software for your company. Don’t leave it up to a software company salesman who is only interested in selling you their software. We take the time to understand you needs and the current underlying processes to assist you with choosing the best possible options regardless of brand. Our goal is to provide you with an efficient, cost effective system that delivers the financial information you need to understand and grow your business.

We provide QuickBooks setup, QuickBooks support, answer your QuickBooks questions and install third-party software integration services to extend your software capabilities. We also provide online and on-site training and classes.

Do you compete with my existing CPA or tax preparer?

Although our consultants are highly experienced tax preparers and are familiar with the services CPA firms provide, our company does not compete with your CPA and/or tax preparer for the services they typically provide to you.  Brilliant Solutions Group would work closely with your CPA, at your request, to ensure your QuickBooks financial statements and reports provide the information your CPA requires; and to ensure your QuickBooks data provides your tax preparer with all of the financial information necessary to prepare your tax return.

How much do you charge?

Our professional service fees for initial software implementations vary depending on the amount of  information you want to track in your accounting system, how many people will use the software, the accuracy of your existing reports, and many other variables.  Given the number variables, we interview each prospective client before beginning work to evaluate their specific requirements and determine our best faith estimate of what the cost of the services will be.  In our experience, our billings are very close to the amounts that we originally estimate.  For smaller companies that require large implementations, we can perform the implementation in stages, at your request.  A multi-stage implementation helps to smooth the upfront costs and assists you with managing the learning curve.  Contact us for an evaluation and estimate today!

Do you provide bookkeeping services?

Yes, we do provide bookkeeping services for many of our clients. However, we do not compete with your accounting firm in this area. The bookkeeping services we provide involve us entering transactions into your cloud accounting system or by remote access to your computer system.  Alternatively, the accounting system can securely be installed at a third party hosting service location.  Either way, the information is accessible to you and our bookkeepers at any time from a web-enabled computer.

Our bookkeeping services are offered at a flat monthly fee, which is determined by the amount of transactions to be entered and the reporting needs.  You can choose to outsource all of your bookkeeping tasks or you can choose to have us complete only certain bookkeeping tasks.  Some of our bookkeeping clients prefer to enter all of the daily transactions and then ask that we perform the banking reconciliations, processing of payroll, processing payroll forms, paying payroll liabilities, etc.  Contact us for a solution tailored to your needs.