Pay your employees quickly and easily!

Is running payroll taking you away from your core business? If so, Let us help with your payroll tasks. Brilliant Solutions Group is a customer centric firm with a team of dedicated and qualified accounting specialists that have decades of experience in offering payroll services.

Our comprehensive and customized services can streamline the task of managing payroll tasks for your company. We can help you process your payroll quickly, conveniently, and insure you meet federal and state regulations and deadlines. Using our professional payroll services, you can focus on the things that matters most for your company.

Brilliant Solutions Group offers Intuit payroll solutions that costs 35% less than the ADP or Paychex. We can help you select the Intuit payroll services that is right for you. Our customized services will greatly reduce the amount of time, money, and effort spent on your payroll processing. But, that’s not all. You can also lower the risk of penalties and keep in steps with constantly changing payroll tax laws and rates. We provide the following specialized payroll services:

Basic Payroll
  • Create paychecks in-house
  • Direct Deposit (additional fees apply)
  • Automatically calculates earnings, payroll taxes and deductions
  • Annual Subscription less than $11/month for 3 employees or less
  • Annual Subscription starting from $21/month for more than 3 employees
Enhanced Payroll
  • Includes all the features of Basic PLUS
  • Instantly generates federal and state tax forms
  • Electronically file and pay federal/state taxes at no extra cost
  • Annual Subscription less than $23/month for 3 employees or less (billed annually)
  • Annual Subscription starting from $29/month for more than 3 employees (billed annually)
Assisted Payroll
  • You enter the data in-house
  • Intuit handles the rest
  • Minimize Chances of a Tax Penalty *
  • Annual Subscription starting at $69/month (price depends upon number of employees, payroll periods and states your company has employees)
Online Payroll
  • You enter hours for your employees
  • Instant earnings and federal and state tax calculations
  • Unlimited Employees and free direct deposit
  • Guaranteed to be 100% accurate
Payroll for MAC
  • Just enter the hours for your employees
  • Automatically calculates earnings, payroll taxes and deductions
  • Instantly pay employees through direct deposit or print checks and stubs
  • Guaranteed to be 100% accurate

Why Choose Us?

Brilliant Solutions Group consists of a team of highly dedicated and experienced accounting professionals.

Our customer friendly accounting professionals offer valuable tips and advice to streamline the payroll function, making it hassle-free and cost-effective.

What’s unique about our services is that we don’t just offer payroll services; we work closely with our clients and walk with them through the joys, pains, and growth of the business.

Our Intuit Payroll Solutions is highly affordable for entrepreneurs and small businesses. We can show you how payroll can be a catalyst for business transformation.

So, why wait?
Call (800) 717-0452 now, or email directly at, to start the conversation and get professional payroll services for your business today!