Here’s how it works

Organize everything in one place

  • Navigation that’s easy to pick up on
  • Common accounting tasks are a snap
  • Advanced tools for when you need them

Watch how it works | 1:27s

Record your sales and get paid

  • Send invoices and create sales receipts
  • Set up recurring invoices with reminders
  • Run in-depth sales reports in seconds

Watch how it works | 2:27s

Keep track of money you spend

  • Record bills, purchases, and expenses
  • By check, credit or debit card, or online payment
  • Run expense reports, profit and loss, and more

Watch how it works | 3:58s

Connect bank and credit card accounts

  • Automatically download bank transactions1
  • Review and categorize deposits and expenses
  • Match up previously recorded transactions

Watch how it works | 3:32s

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