The 5 Best QuickBooks Apps for eCommerce

QuickBooks® is undoubtedly the most popular accounting software targeting small and medium sized businesses. The software contains a lot of useful features that ease the task of managing money and understanding your profitability. What’s great about the accounting software is that it supports the integration of hundreds of third-party apps, greatly expanding its functionality and boosting employee productivity. Below you’ll find the 5 best QuickBooks apps for eCommerce. Each app has been highly rated by users.

The QuickBooks apps can help businesses save time and expense while managing business resources, and all of the apps recommended here are available through the Intuit App Center. They are reasonably priced, making them affordable for small business owners. Some of the apps integrate with QuickBooks desktop while others work with the online version of the accounting software.

Here we will take a look at 5 great QuickBooks apps that are especially suited for small business owners.

1. Unify
Unify is one of the best QuickBooks apps for eCommerce firms. The app allows you to track everything relating to your online website including expenses, revenues, fees, customers, and products inventory. It integrates with about 70 e-commerce platforms and automatically syncs all accounting related data to QuickBooks.

2. Amazon Sync – Unify

Amazon Sync allows online business owners to save on the cost and time involved with transferring Amazon account data to QuickBooks. The app features tons of functionality to sync sales information across multiple channels, view financial reports, and email customer lists to email marketing platforms for carrying out promotional efforts. It works with QuickBooks Online and desktop, Amazon, eBay, Bigcommerce, Etsy and various other eCommerce platforms.

3. Magento QuickBooks App

Magento online app developed by JMA Web Technologies allows you to sync inventory, customers, products, and orders with QuickBooks Online. For integration with the desktop version, you can use another software made by the company known as Connex for QuickBooks. Using this third party app, you can automatically sync accounting related data with QuickBooks.

4. eBay Sync

eBay Sync integrates with QuickBooks Online and desktop editions. It saves the time involved in transferring data from eBay to QuickBooks. The third party QuickBooks app allows you to stay organized. You will always remain up-to-date on the financial position of the company. You’ll gain insights about the trends and margins of your sales.  Plus, you can view financial reports that show you order volume, revenues, expenses, inventory and much more.

5. ShipRush

The fifth best accounting software for eCommerce firms is ShipRush. It allows you to compare rates, obtain discounted postage, and print shipping labels. You can import shipping orders from QuickBooks Online and print labels for FedEx, UPS, and US Postal Service. Another popular option is ShipStation. Review and compare to determine which app suits your needs best.

Apart from the above, you can find a number of online apps that help you run your eCommerce store. Third party QuickBooks apps can save you the time, cost, and effort involved in performing accounting related tasks. If you want to add to the list of best QuickBooks apps for online firms, feel free to share a comment.

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Automating Sales Tax Returns with Taxify

Preparing and filing sales tax returns can be a time-consuming activity. Filing sales tax returns in a timely manner is essential to avoid paying costly late fees. Although QuickBooks allows businesses to organize and prepare sales tax, it does not help with the filing of these taxes.

Taxify is a comprehensive solution that helps businesses not only prepare but also file sales tax returns. Below is a detailed look at the software and how it works. Overview of Taxify Sales Tax Software.

Small and mid-sized business organizations spend around $63,000 annually on sales tax compliance and filing, according to the  Aberdeen Group research firm. The top challenges for businesses submitting sales tax include excessive labor time, poor accuracy, and delays in filing.

Taxify saves costs on filing sales taxes while complying with legal and state tax laws. By automating tax compliance, Taxify also saves on the time involved in tax preparation. Taxify integrates with QuickBooks to offer automated sales tax filings and features real-time sales tax rates and industry based tax calculation.

<img alt="taxify connected apps">

Although the software is suitable for all types of businesses, it was specially built to cater to online businesses. Using the tax software, online businesses can simplify the tax preparation and filing process. Taxify also integrates with dozens of eCommerce platforms including Magento, Bigcommerce, eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and Woo Commerce. It even integrates with the PayPal payment platform for order and product information transmissions in bulk.

Benefits of Taxify

Most tax apps are either complicated or too expensive for businesses, yet Taxify offers various benefits for businesses. It is a comprehensive solution at an affordable cost. It automatically determines the tax amount relating to a particular jurisdiction and tracks taxes on an order-by-order basis. Last and most importantly, it is easy to implement and use.

Automating Sales Tax Filing

With QuickBooks integration, Taxify literally puts sales tax reporting on cruise control. It saves time and cost of accountants in preparing and filing taxes with its AutoFile capability. You can integrate the software with a few clicks of the mouse.

With the AutoFile service, you can streamline the process of filing sales tax returns. You can file in every state and local area in the US. It will automatically fill out the return by taking information from QuickBooks and other integrated software. Moreover, the software automatically writes a check for the amount due or pay via ACH in the case of returns filed electronically.

Paperless Filing of Taxes

Taxify helps small businesses file taxes electronically. Businesses can file taxes without printing paper, licking stamps, or signing checks. All the tasks occur electronically, so you not only save stationery costs, but you also do your part to minimize your company’s carbon footprint.

File Taxes Accurately in the US

A big challenge for small businesses is -determining the sales tax rate applicable in their jurisdiction. The reason is that tax rates can from county to county within the same state. Taxify maintains the tax rates for thousands of jurisdictions, so you are guaranteed an accurate accounting of what’s due when.. You just have to specify the state and local jurisdictions where you need to file taxes, and the software will automatically calculate the taxes based on the tax rates applicable in that area. You can submit the sales tax returns yourself or use the AutoFile service to file the taxes.

Easy QuickBooks Integration

Taxify integrates with QuickBooks easily. Once you take the steps to connect the accounting software with Taxify,  your QuickBooks orders and products are perfectly synced without the need for manual entry. You can perform a sales tax gap analysis and file accurate sales tax returns using your QuickBooks data.

Avoid Errors in Filing Taxes

The software helps avoid errors and inaccuracies when submitting taxes. Businesses can use Taxify to submit accurate sales tax returns that comply with the sales tax laws. It automates the sales tax compliance using real-time tax rates in state and local jurisdictions.

Moreover, the software prevents human errors and helps generate forms that are ready-to-sign and/or dispatch electronically. This helps you avoid sales tax gaps and late submission of your returns. As a result, you avoid the prospect of paying late fees by relying on Taxify’s easy to use automated tax compliance software.

Easy Auditing of Sales Taxes

The sales tax accounting software allows access to past sale tax reports and transactions. This makes it easy for the auditors to examine the past records of the company. Moreover, it saves costs for the company because you don’t have to spend time making the sales tax data accessible for the auditors.

Excellent Customer Service Support

Businesses benefit from exceptional customer service support when using Taxify. Their team knows sales tax. They want to help you get your sales tax preparation done efficiently and effectively, so you can have peace of mind and devote your time to your other business responsibilities.


Taxify greatly simplifies the task of tracking and calculating sales tax that is due to your local and state agencies. The software has established itself as a leading sales tax compliance software, garnering glowing praises from business owners in a variety of industries. There are different plans available based on your monthly transaction volume. Every price level includes simple setup, automated tax filings, and live phone support. You can also upgrade your package anytime as the sales tax filing needs of your business change.

Results CRM

Results CRM QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks® is  a reliable, affordable, and feature-rich accounting software that is ideal for small to mid-sized businesses. The software comes with powerful features that simplify complex accounting tasks. Despite its versatility and flexibility, QuickBooks can’t possibly satisfy every business needs. As a result, most other tasks are best performed by third party add-ons that connect with the software to extend its functionality.

One of the add-ons that we will discuss here is Results CRM that is a must have for every small business owner. This application helps you manage relationship data, contacts, marketing campaigns, leads, sales quotes, and expenses. It also allows you to prepare reports that you can view to make important financial decisions relating to the business.

And above all, the application brings a new meaning to connected applications. It supports multi-directional integration with 3rd party applications such as Constant Contact, SmartVault, and much more. This greatly helps enhance business productivity.

Results CRM – Features and Functionalities

Results CRM is an important business productivity tool for any business. Some of the value added features of Results CRM are briefly mentioned below.

Contact Management

Results CRM provides complete contact history. It combines contact information from different departments becoming a “one-stop-shop” location for accessing contact data. The software merges information from sales, customer relations, accounts, and other departments, and makes it accessible for relevant personnel within the company.

When the employees know what has been promised to the customer, what are the requirements, and what is the scheduled delivery date, they are better able to serve the customer and exceed expectations.

Sales Management

Using Results CRM, the sales manager can easily monitor and manage sales opportunities and leads. The software allows sales personnel to send quotes, create follow-ups, and better manage sales pipeline. It streamlines sales workflow and preserves every detail from the sales process from first contact, sales quote, invoices, and payments.

Automation and Customization of Processes

Another great value added feature of Results CRM is that it allows creation of custom processes and automates assignment to company personnel. It provides  for the creation of process templates that are customized to the needs of the business.

The processes are automatically assigned to the person(s) at a specified time. This ensures consistent delivery of services that result in complete customer satisfaction.

Tasks Schedule and Assignment

Using Results CRM, you can view available resources and open tasks that can be assigned to the employees. Through its user friendly interface, you can easily view task schedule and assignment. It features a Work Group calendar. You can drag and drop assignments and reschedule workloads in no time.

Scheduled activities can be sorted by date, customer, product, and assigned personal. This provides maximum flexibility and control in viewing and scheduling assignments. The end result is a happy customer who will gladly recommend services of the company to friends, family, and cohorts.

Maintain Accurate Customer Information

Results CRM allow information accuracy when it comes to managing purchase orders and invoices. All the contact information can be kept up-to-date, which will ensure that the quotes and invoices are sent to the correct address.

Project Management

One of the most useful features of Result CRM is that it allows tracking of product status, costs, tasks, resources, and revenues. Using the customer relationship software, managers can know how to schedule and optimize the workflow. With just a few clicks of a button, they can get detailed information of the project to ensure that everything is in order.

Customer Invoice Management

A great feature of Results CRM is that it allows billable employee time to be converted into invoices. The software integrates with QuickBooks, and transfers accounting relating data. Users can view products ordered, payments, account balances without needing to access the accounting software.

Results CRM Pricing Plan

Results CRM has three different options available to users based on their requirements. Let’s take a look at each of the plan to see how they best serve different needs of the customers.

Results CRM – Standard Plan

The standard Results CRM plan is well-suited for sales and marketing team of a company. At the moment, the standard plan costs $95/month for five users. This is apart from the initial set-up cost of $395. The standard plan provides sales personnel to manage leads and customers, create a to-do list, prepare and send quotes, and evaluate sales opportunities. It preserves sales processes and automates scheduling thereby allowing sales personnel to deliver consistent results.

Results Business Suite

The Results Business Suite plan builds upon the features of the CRM software offering more control over managing projects, invoices, and processes. At the moment, the plan costs $195/month for five users, while the initial set-up cost is $595.

Results Field Service Management (FSM)

Results FSM costs $295/month for five users with the initial set-up cost being $985. This plan is suitable for general contractors, electricians, HVAC repair technician, and other companies that have employees working in the field. It allows remote multi-device access that helps in managing workforce spread over different geographical locations.

The initial set-up cost, also known as onboarding cost, includes training and support services provided by the company personnel. It includes user setup information where the users are trained to properly setup and configure the systems. Moreover, the service includes customization of lookup tables according to requirements of the company.

The onboarding service also includes information on QuickBooks integration, Outlook integration, and Constant Contact integration if required by a company.


QuickBooks and Results
Results CRM is a robust tool that helps businesses provide exceptional customer relationship services. The software helps sales teams and managers efficiently manage their sales pipeline. It also connects with a host of external applications including SmartVault, QuickBooks, Constant Contact, Outlook and various others that boost business productivity, and make a positive impact on the bottom-line.

By integrating Results CRM with QuickBooks, all of the account related information of the customer is synced with the accounting software. This saves time and costs of the accounting personnel recording customer related data including invoices, bills, and much more.

5 Productive QuickBooks Add-ons

You may not know it, but QuickBooks accounting software has found hundreds of third-party add-ons to extend its functionality.  You get to handpick from a host of integrated apps. Each serves different functions, such as streamlining inventory management, giving you more flexibility to record employee time, etc. Using QuickBooks add-ons, you can automate different aspects of your small business.

Let’s take a quick look at 5 must-have apps that are perfect for improving small business productivity. Most of the add-ons listed here are reasonably priced. Additionally, the add-ons mentioned work with QuickBooks Desktop, Online or in some instances, with both versions of the accounting software.

1. SmartVault for QuickBooks (
Smart Vault® for QuickBooks is a great add-on that allows you to go paperless and organize your documents. The online document storage add-on integrates with QuickBooks. It allows you to attach documents to any QuickBooks entry.  Just scan and attach documents to customers and vendor records, bills, invoices, and much more.

Attaching documents within QuickBooks also makes your accounting system audit-ready. All related financial data will be located in a single location, which makes it easier for internal and external auditors to examine and verify company records.

2. Corelytics Financial Dashboard (
If you want greater insights into your small business, you subscribe to Corelytics® Financial Dashboard. The online service retrieves information from QuickBooks and presents the data in the form of easy-to-understand reports.

Not only is Corelytics an award-winning application, many consider it the best solution of its kind. Apart from tracking the performance of the company across different lines, the add-on also allows you to compare how the results stack up against competitors.  Moreover, the software generates forecasts based on existing financial performance. Try the app for 30-days free, and then the cost is $99/month. No credit card required for the 30-day trial.

3. SpringAhead (
SpringAhead® uses spreadsheets to monitor employee expenses and time. The online add-on allows you to monitor employee time, expenses, and bills by integrating with QuickBooks. Through three-way integration between QuickBooks, SpringAhead, and SmartVault, you can enter expense data, attach scanned receipts, and export the data to QuickBooks.

4. Results CRM (
Results CRM® is an integrated QuickBooks add-on that handles your marketing and sales efforts. You can also manage your relationship and contact data, sales quotes, marketing campaigns, expenses, reports, and much more. The add-on software supports multi-directional integration between QuickBooks, Constant Contact®, Smartvault, and several other programs, greatly improving business productivity.

5. SOS Inventory (
QuickBooks Online provides great flexibility and convenience in managing accounting functions. However, it lacks a robust inventory management feature. You can solve this problem to some extent by using a third party app known as SOS Inventory®.

SOS integrates with QuickBooks Online and allows small businesses to manage inventories, sales, and customer orders effortlessly. Additionally, you save a lot of time using this third party app. It comes with several features that simplify the task managing inventories.

One of the best things about the app is that it can be accessed from anywhere with a smartphone. Advanced features allow you to manage multiple items located in different locations. You can test the online service free for a 30-day period, after which you can subscribe for $20 per month with a maximum of three users.

Indeed, the above list mentions some of the best QuickBooks add-ons to enhance the productivity of small businesses. There are hundreds of other add-ons that extend the functionality of the accounting software. To read more on QuickBooks apps, check out 7 Great QuickBooks Online Apps.  If you use any QuickBooks add-ons that have improved your company’s productivity, share them with us by using the comment section.


7 Great Apps for QuickBooks Online

quickbooks-online-app-onsQuickBooks Online offers an easy to use, robust, and accounting interface that works anytime, anywhere. At present, over 1 million businesses worldwide are benefiting from the online accounting software. The simple yet powerful interface of the accounting platform provides scalable solutions that fit the requirements of businesses of all types and sizes.

The online accounting software does an excellent job handling the basics – invoicing, budgeting, bank reconciliation, reports, and so on. Yet, the addition of the third-party add-ons really boosts its functionality and takes it to next level. These add-ons are available on the home screen of the QuickBooks Online or the Intuit App Marketplace.

Some of the add-ons are for free while others require you to pay a monthly subscription fee to avail their services. Here we present a list of 7 great QuickBooks Online apps that provide value added functionality for online accounting users.

1. TSheets Time Tracker
TSheets® Time Tracker is one of the best QuickBooks Online apps. The add-on easily integrates with the online accounting software and provides the ability to track employees’ time for payroll, job costing or invoicing.

Once installed in QuickBooks online, staff can clock in using their mobile devices. This is extremely useful for organizations that allow employees to work from their homes. The add-on tracks employee’s time and GPS location points for employee routing, accountability and more.

You can review employee times in TSheets and then sync to QuickBooks Online after approval. You can then use the recorded data for job costing, payroll or invoicing. This greatly reduces the accounting time and cost incurred in keeping track of the remote employees.

2. Add-On for PayPal Integration
PayPal is another great QuickBooks Online app. The add-on syncs the company’s PayPal related sales transactions with the online accounting software. You can use this add-on to keep your transactions organized and in one place.

The QuickBooks Online PayPal app easily synchronizes PayPal receipts, fees, tax, and discounts. Once installed, data is synced and categorized automatically without any user intervention. The online app can also generate sales receipts for transactions. It can also adjust inventory for products that have inventory tracking enabled.

What’s more, the online app gives you complete control of how PayPal data shows up in QuickBooks Online. Customize settings to make sure that the data is recorded and classified properly. In addition, you can decide which information is entered or discarded from the QuickBooks accounting software.

3. Sync Business with American Express Open
This useful add-on allows you to sync your American Express® online account with QuickBooks Online. The add-on securely connects your business card with the online accounting software. You can also use the add-on to import your customized QuickBooks categories into the American Express online account.

You can label or categorize your transactions directly from the online statement. When the transactions are transferred to your QuickBooks Online company file, you do not need to categorize the transactions again.

When this add-on is combined with Receipt Match Mobile App, you can snap pictures of the receipts and label them on the go. You can download the Receipt Match® app for free from both the Android and iOS app stores.

4. Method CRM
Method CRM® is a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) tool. This online tool makes it easy to track leads and manage them once they convert into customers. The Method CRM add-on integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online. You can sync invoices, discounts and other customer transactions into the online accounting software.

The customer relationship add-on allows you to track potential leads. You can use the app to manage your customer service team, assign tasks, and send follow-up emails to the potential customers. Your customers, online vendors, customer representative teams, and more are all accessible anytime, anywhere.

You can also integrate the customer service app with your website. The customers can request information about your product and services directly from the website. Sales reps can then follow up with the leads and try to convert them into customers. Once the leads are converted into customers, the status is updated on the website.

5. Shopify Cloud Cart Connector
Shopify Cloud Connector is another great app for QuickBooks Online. The add-on allows seamless connectivity between the online accounting software and Shopify, a popular online e-store platform. Once installed, the add-on automatically syncs inventory and orders with QuickBooks Online.

You can use the cloud-cart connector to create credit memos, refund receipts, and partial refunds. The add-on can match customers’ orders by company, name, or assign a single customer to all orders. The online cart can map the items either manually or using an SKU. The fields are broken down by functions. This makes it easy for you to make changes as necessary.

6. LivePlan Dashboard and Forecasting
LivePlan Dashboard and Forecasting provides a powerful user interface to create budgets, track performance, and forecast sales. You can use the dashboard to get deeper insights into your company. These insights are used to understand the performance of the company. Thus, making it easier for you to chart its future direction. LivePlan add-on gives you powerful tools to compare the actual performance of the company against the budget. You view how your company is doing compared to last month, last year and more.

7. FG Receivables Manager
Finally, FG Receivables Manager is another great online add-on for QuickBooks Online. The online add-on allows you to save time on monitoring your account receivables. You can use the add-on to reduce bad debt invoices by more than 70%. A definite must have tool for companies to significantly improve their bottom-line.

To sum up, QuickBooks Online third party add-ons greatly extend the functionality of this powerful accounting software. You can use the add-ons to sync accounting information, monitor your customers, gain deeper insights, track employee time and much more!

Projector – One of the Best Hosted Solutions Designed for Professional Services Firms

A projector is an online software solution that can be integrated with QuickBooks Online and Desktop to offer enhanced accounting functionality. The software is designed for consulting firms and automates their accounting process. Projector is not a single software, but a total integrated solution for optimizing accounting tasks and activities.

Users can export Account Payable, Account Receivable, and General Ledger transactions to QuickBooks. Moreover, the software also allows import and export of the customer and employee data in QuickBooks, and synchronize the data on a continuous basis. Lastly, the software offers analytical reports and tools that can help when reconciling and auditing accounts during the closing process of an organization.

Here we will explore the powerful functions and features of Projector in enhancing and optimizing the accounting functions of companies.

Projector – An Overview
Projector Overview

The secret of running any professional services firm successfully is to efficiently manage three important resources – human, capital, and time. These three resources are the critical ingredients that when managed properly can allow the business to reach the height of success. Inefficient resource management, on the other hand, leads to increased cost of operations that will make it difficult for the firm to survive over the long term. By integrating QuickBooks with Projector software, you can efficiently manage the company resources that will ultimately lead to an improved bottom-line.

Projector online accounting solution offers tools to better manage the resources. The software contains three key functionalities: Resource Scheduling, Project Accounting, and Enhanced Project Management. The modules are customized for the firms that offer consultancy services. Some of the modules of the online service include:

  • Time and expense entry
  • Creating invoices
  • Billing review
  • Resource scheduling
  • Budgeting and tracking
  • Task planning and tracking
  • People and project management
  • Detailed analytical reporting

The online add-on also contains multi-currency and multi-company sub-ledger that seamlessly connects with QuickBooks accounting software. Whether you want to accurately invoice your client, gain greater control over resources, or manage different projects, Projector online solution offers it all.

Detailed Overview of Projector
Projector software is designed especially for professional service firms. The professional suite comes with powerful features and functionalities that will allow you to control your costs and improve your bottom-line. The efficient intuitive interface of the online enterprise class solution makes it easier for you to reap benefits and streamline your accounting operations. The software is delivered on a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that is ideal for both small startup businesses to big multinational companies.Let’s take a look at each module in detail.

Project Accounting Module
The Projector accounting module allows you to keep track of the time and expenses you have invested in various projects. The module makes it easier to manage the invoicing process. Using the module, you can bill clients with the correct amount in a timely manner. The online software helps ensure that every time and cost invested in the project is billed accurately and sent to the client. The software can act as a sub-ledger of the project in your general ledger, and automatically sync the information with QuickBooks.

Resource Scheduling module
The resource scheduling module allows you to efficiently manage the human and capital resources your company. Using the software you can easily assign staff to projects. The software allows project managers to make the right decisions and ensure that the tasks and activities are completed on time while utilizing minimum resources. Project managers can also describe the type of resources needed based on certifications, skill sets, and physical locations. The software gives greater control to project managers in allocating resources to different projects. Using the resource scheduling software will help with effective utilization of resources and can have a positive impact on operational costs, revenues and overall company profitability.

Project Management Module
Project management module offers more power and control in planning, tracking, and implementing tasks and activities of a project. The module is a simpler and low-cost alternative to Microsoft Project that allows project managers to check the project health in complete detail. Moreover, the software also allows better collaboration and coordination among the team members that goes a long way in ensuring that the project is completed according to exact specification of the client.

Apart from modules, Projector also contains various foundational layers that greatly help in optimizing accounting functions and tasks. The layers allow accounting personnel to have greater control and visibility of the expenses that determine the health of the business.

1. Projector Visibility Layer – This is a powerful feature that allows you to customize the dashboard. You can modify the dashboard to view the information that is essential for making the right business decisions. Moreover, you can use the powerful analytical reporting engine to create reports that can help you perform ad-hoc analysis of accounting data. When combined with the software’s operational dashboard and email alerts, you will have accurate and updated information about the current position of your business.

2. The Control Layer – The control layer allows you to manage user permissions and workflows. It gives you greater control over what information each individual is allowed to access and when. You can conduct full audit trails to see what the employees did on a particular day. With the control layer, you can setup the software in different ways to manage different parts of the project and organization.

3. The Integration Layer – This layer allows you to integrate Projector with other important systems used by the company. Apart from QuickBooks, you can integrate the online software suite with (a powerful customer relation management tool) and Microsoft Project (Project management software). The fully integrated system will work wonders in improving operational efficiencies and streamlining operations.

Final Remarks!
Overall, Projector is a fine online accounting solution that is specifically tailored for service firms. You can use the software to better manage and utilize your resources, which can lead to an improved bottom line.

How BillQuick and QuickBooks Work Together to Streamline Small Business Operations

BillQuick is easy to use time tracking, service billing, and project management software. The software is suitable for different kinds of service businesses including architects, CPSs, computer consultants, engineers, contractors, marketing consultants, and others. BillQuick integrates with Intuit’s QuickBooks desktop software to streamline several accounting functions.

Using this software, business owners can maintain Job, Customer, and Employee data, and Activity and Expense codes tables. If you are a small business owner, and you want to further streamline the accounting function in your business, then you should continue reading. We will reveal not only the function of this QuickBooks add-on but also its benefits.

Overview of BillQuick Integration with QuickBooks
BillQuick can be integrated with QuickBooks to expand on its time tracking, project management and service billing accounting features. The add-on enhances these accounting functions and makes it more efficient. The software helps accounting personnel perform these additional tasks in less time, resulting in increased cost savings for your company.

BillQuick comes with its own billing, time and project management features. You will NEVER have to enter the data twice when integrating the software with QuickBooks. Moreover, you can fully customize the integration, and you have control over when, where, and what data is synchronized. Your accounting personnel will be working smarter instead of harder when using this QuickBooks add-on. The software improves data entry accuracy, avoids duplicate entry of data, and provides better control over the way accounting functions are performed.

The following tables depict how the data flows between QuickBooks and BillQuick.


Highlights of BillQuick Functions
The main benefit of using BillQuick is that it automates repetitive tasks, which in turn, saves time for your staff. The software is suitable for all business sizes and is completely scalable. You can choose Basic, Pro and Enterprise versions depending on the needs of your business.

BillQuick software will allow you to speed up time keeping processes, decrease the time involved in the billing process, and help you gain a better understanding of the different projects your team is handling. Moreover, you can check compliance with the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) with a single click of the mouse. Below you will find a brief description of the various tasks you can perform with BillQuick:

1. Time & Expense
BillQuick includes a time card that records employee work time, overtime, compensation, and vacation, sick, and holiday leaves. Time Card is available in spreadsheet, calendar, and stopwatch format. You can create time entries from the TO-DO items. Moreover, you can also run multiple timers at the same time. You can also record the expenses in different currencies!

You can view full history of time and expense entries including the date of submission, approval, or refusal from authorized personnel. This history can prove to be invaluable during audit – internal and external – of the accounting process. Also, you can link images and documents to the time and expense entries.

2. Project Management
The project management module of BillQuick allows you to instantly see the status of projects. You will know what projects that are in the red (loss) and have incurred more cost than budgeted. You can also schedule tasks and activities through an interactive Gantt chart. This chart can be customized by dragging, stretching, and dropping tasks on the timeline.

An employee workload forecaster allows you to view the tasks assigned to each employee in calendar format. By glancing at the colored-coded calendar, you can quickly find out the status of tasks assigned to the employees. You can also learn what staff members are being underutilized or overextended. Moreover, you can also keep watch on the next forecasted project and assign available staff to the project.

Apart from managing project tasks and employees, you can also use QuickBooks to manage project expenses. In addition, a revenue forecaster calculates the revenue based on the existing and forecasted expenses. This tool allows you greater control over managing cash flow.

Other highlights of the project management module include the following:

  • Assign employees, tasks, and expenses to projects
  • Track status of projects in real time with automatic updates and notifications
  • Organize and classify the projects according to four stages of workflow:
    • Project
    • Phase
    • Segment
    • Sub-segment
  • Select from among different contract costing methods including:
    • Fixed Fee
    • Recurring
    • Hourly
    • Cost + Percentage
    • Cost + Fixed Fee
  • Compare actual costs versus the budgeted costs Billing and Accounts Receivable
    Billing and Accounts Receivable is another important module for the QuickBooks accounting software. The module allows you to view all the information you require to improve the collection process. Using the QuickBooks add-on, you can view key historical data, payment history, and account notes. You can see an aging summary of account receivables for 60, 90, 120 days and more. Moreover, you can view the aging reports in multiple formats and utilize a number of filters to view the receivable data.BillQuick also allows you to create billing invoices using 180 templates. You can perform batch processing, create PDFs, customize the reports using Crystal reports, and much more.Accounting Module
    The Accounting module of BillQuick enhances the powerful functionality of the QuickBooks accounting software. You can perform bank reconciliations, view trial balances, chart of accounts, and make payments to vendors. You can also view both cash-basis and accrual balance sheets and profit and loss reports.You can select from approximately 500 report templates when creating accounting reports. The report center allows you to filter the information, so you can view important aspects of your accounting data. Employee snapshot offers a breakdown of resource utilization and billable work. This information is especially helpful for consulting firms, so they can accurately bill their clients for work performed.Bottom Line!
    On the whole, BillQuick® is one of the most powerful add-ons for QuickBooks Desktop. The software seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks and extends its features and functionalities. Using this QuickBooks add-on, you can lower the administrative costs, save time in performing billing and expense functions, and efficiently manage the projects.

Top Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs on the Go

There are some amazing apps for the young entrepreneurs out there. After all, entrepreneurs of fresh startups generally want all the tools they can get to ensure that they are able to handle each and everything regarding their business, even when they are on the go.

Thanks to the implosion of high-tech gadgets such as smartphones and tablets, managing businesses on the go have never been easier. These ingenious devices are now capable of playing the role of a secretary, a computer, printer center and more.

That being said, regardless of whether you want an app to organize all your important documents, or you are interested in making free conference calls – there’s an app out there waiting for you!

1.     SumUp
This easy to use finance software is highly convenient as it can not only manage your finances but also accept payments. The app can be used to accept credit card payments using your iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone – without requiring a card reader at all!

There are no monthly fees for this app and currently, you can only use Visa and MasterCard for accepting payments. A must have if you’re mostly on the go.

2.     Tiny Scan
Turn your smartphone into a scanner and forget about getting hold of a scanner to scan and send important documents to your clients (or to your office) while on the go. Using Tiny Scan, you can take pictures of any documents and the app will automatically convert them into a PDF file.

A really handy app that all business people should have!

3.     PDF Expert 5
Have you ever had to sign a particular document, but did not have a hard copy of it? You could always print one, but what if you’re on the go and you don’t have access to a printer?

This is where PDF Expert 5 comes in. You can now easily edit, annotate, and fill in PDF documents and add legally-binding signatures without having to worry about printing a hard copy.

4.     Fleetmatics
If your business has a number of vehicles that you want to keep a track of, then Fleetmatics is a must have for you. This app allows you to track all of your vehicles and provides you timely updates on the location of each of them. Besides telling you their location, it will also provide you alerts whenever a service is due.

5.     UberConference
Does your business require you to travel a lot? What about all those important meetings that you simply cannot afford to miss? Thanks to UberConference, you can now make a conference call with up to 100 people at a time. The application is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

The free version of this app will allow you to make conference calls with up to 10 people, and the free version comes with some great bells and whistles including call recording, screen sharing, unlimited conferences and no pins for the organizer.

6.     QuickBooks Online Mobile
Keeping track of and managing your finances can be a difficult task. This gets much more frustrating when you are always on the go, and you have to wait to get back to the office to do all the data entry tasks. This isn’t the case anymore. With QuickBooks Online Mobile app, you can view and edit all your accounting data while on the go. This useful app is available for iPad, iPhone and Android.

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5 Cost-Effective Apps for Managing Your Business on the Go

If your life is anything like mine, it is the rare occasion when you seem to have a moment to sit still or feel like you can catch your breath. Between the breakfast meetings, lunch meetings, client meetings, business trips and questions from the office and customers alike, things never seem to stop moving. These days it almost feels like we are working 12-16 hours a day, and that’s on a good day. 🙂

As a small business owner, myself, I have to stay on my toes in order to ensure the growth of my business. Without a doubt, I know you share many, if not all, of these same joys and pressures, so here a few apps for managing your business on the go. I have tried a number of apps, and I certainly have my favorites, and since we all have different needs, I won’t bias you with my favorites. I’ll just continue to point out a few of the best apps for you to choose from as the weeks and months go by.

As you probably already know, smartphones are a must. They have become the key currency of doing business in today’s fast-paced environment. Smartphones allow you to remain connected with your business regardless of where you are. So how can you manage your business while on the go?

Here are 5 of the best apps that you can use to keep an eye on the major facets of your company and keep you organized.

1. Expensify
Expensify is a free app that allows you to sync all of your credit card transactions with the receipts that are scanned by your smartphone’s camera. If you are driving, it will also keep track of your mileage and will generate a summary report that can be synced with QuickBooks.

The app is free for use by individuals; however, in order to sync it across all the employees of your company, a charge of $5 will apply for every person submitting expenses each month.

Imagine receiving a crucial report or a presentation from your client or someone on your staff while you are on the road. How would you review it? is the solution for such a situation. It can easily render documents including PDF as well as media. It also allows for document collaboration; enabling you to edit and monitor any changes that the original owners may have carried out.

3.     TripIt
Meetings, meeting and meetings! How would you organize your logistics if you have a number of meetings spaced out all over the country?

You can do that easily using TripIt. This nifty little app can store all the information related to your flights, hotel and rental car. It will also feed you departure and arrival information, as well as the direction and distance between the airport and the place where your meetings are to take place. All you have to do is just forward the confirmation emails to and your app will be updated automatically in just a few minutes afterward it is received. The cost of TripIt is just $.99 for the ads free version.

4.     Evernote
Inspiration can come anywhere even when you are making your way through the airport security line. The last thing you want would is to forget the brilliant idea that just might solve all your problems. Evernote is an app that can be used to store such information. You can take notes by typing, capture photos using your camera or simply copy a note from any website. All of this information is stored on the cloud, enabling you to access it from any computer at any time.

5.     Basecamp
Basecamp is a wonderful project management app that allows you to post new tasks, mark them complete as well note new milestones using your smartphone. It allows easy collaboration with your teammates so that the whole team is aware of the project’s progress. The Basecamp app requires an internet connection to work.

These are just of few of the tools that can help you stay ahead of the game. Check out our previous post, Best Smart Business Apps of 2013.

7 QuickBooks® Compatible Add-ons

QuickBooks is one of the most reliable and efficient business management  software programs powered by Intuit. The basic purpose of the app is to provide business owners with the ease of monitoring and managing expenditures. With add-ons installed, QuickBooks becomes a robust business management tool that can serve most small and mid-sized business effectively. Here is a list of 7 add-ons that are supported by QuickBooks and provide
expanded use:

1. Payroll
Payroll allows business owners to automatically generate paychecks and calculate payroll taxes. Users just have to enter the working hours of employees and the add-on will automatically create the paycheck according to the provided information. You can also calculate federally and locally imposed payroll taxes just by clicking the e-pay option. Moreover, the e-file option allows you to automatically file the appropriate tax forms.

2. Payments
This add-on allows users to send professional invoices to clients with a “Pay Now” link incorporated in it. This link will direct payers to make online payments through credit cards. This feature also updates your bank account and credit scores once you get paid. QuickBooks Payments also deposits payments automatically, thus reducing the risk of delay.

3. Advanced Inventory
Using this app, you can easily scan desired items within a warehouse. It serves the purpose of a tracing tool as it is designed to read bar codes for entering data quickly. Advanced inventory allows business management to organize various items according to serial numbers and retrieve inventory across several lots. You can also change and rearrange items according to your convenience.

4. Point of Sale
Point of Sale or POS allows entrepreneurs to manage every aspect of sales by using a single tool for retail sales. This app is designed for monitoring sales, accept payments on credit card and keep a track of business inventory. This app generates reports based on customers’ ratings which help entrepreneurs identify their most profitable ventures. You can use Mobile Sync1 to receive payment on your cell phone or iPad.

5. Financing
QuickBooks Financing is a smart app that assists entrepreneurs in acquiring approval for financing. You only have to do the legal paperwork and leave the rest to this app. The app requires you to enter basic information like your business budgets, nature of business and available capital and uses this data to automatically complete the financial approval process.

6. DemandForce
DemandForce allows business owners to promote their business in a corporate network and stay connected with their consumers. You can install this app on your mobile phone or laptop and communicate with customers via text messages or emails. Thus, you can manage your business communication operations even from remote locations.

7. SalesForce
This app has a number of automated features that can improve your sales drastically. The app keeps you updated about the sales in your pipeline, where they are in the sales cycle, and help you increase your productivity. Customer review reports also help entrepreneurs identify their most productive clients.

Install these easy to use add-ons on your device and increase the value of your QuickBooks business management tool.

To learn more about QuickBooks software contact the Brilliant Solutions Group or check out these great articles!

Intuit Apps for Small Business Owners

Intuit Inc. is probably one of the biggest names in the world of business software
developers. The company was founded by Tom Proulx and Scott Cook in 1983,
and since then, it has been producing high quality software programs and apps
for small business entrepreneurs. The current assortment of business apps has
completely revived business management and expense tracking.

Here is a look at some of the recent innovations Intuit has launched to automate
several business processes:

1. GoPayment
This app is designed to provide business owners with easy payment processing
with credit cards, anytime and anywhere. The app is a unique combination of
portable hardware and intelligent software. The device consists of a small card
reader that is attached to a portable electronic device that has a supported
operating system. Compatible operating systems include iPhone, Android, iPad
or tablet. The latest version of this device is also compatible with Blackberry
mobile phones. All you have to do is swipe the magnetic strip of a credit card in
the reader (so it can read the card info), sign for the charge (on the mobile
device) and wait a few seconds for the charges to get processed. You will receive
confirmation receipt via text message or email, and you can also send a receipt
to the customer via email.

2. QuickBooks® Online Mobile App
This app allows users to manage their business expenses through their mobile
devices. All you have to do is install QuickBooks software program on your
mobile phone, iPad or Android tablet. Using this app you can view
monthly expenditure and cash flow reports, make payments and send invoices.
The app allows users to select items or expenses for generating customized
report. You can also keep these reports as a business record or use them for
viewing month by month variations in corporate expenses and planning
investments. QuickBooks Online is an extremely smart and easy to use app,
which allows entrepreneurs to manage their bank accounts through portable

3. Intuit Online Payroll
Intuit Online Payroll, as the name implies, is an app that allows entrepreneurs to
generate paychecks and calculate payroll taxes automatically. It is often thought
that the app can only work with QuickBooks, but it is not the case. You can install
just the Payroll app on your mobile device and automate the process of payment
calculations. The software program works on a very efficient algorithm that allows the creation of several paychecks at a time. This app can save you from
stiff tax penalties.

4. DemandForce
This app can serve the purpose of an ultimate resource for small business
owners and start-ups. The app allows entrepreneurs to share their thoughts on
social forums like Facebook or Twitter. You can go through featured content that
can guide you through managing your business, online reputation and creating
brand loyalists. This app can improve your insight about running and
expanding your small business, but can also provide you with an easy platform to
promote your business in the mainstream corporate world.

These smart apps, backed by Intuit, can help you manage the various aspects of
your small to mid-sized business. All of these apps are compatible with each
other as well as reasonably priced.

More Apps for Starting and Growing Your Small Business

Although technology has increased competition in the business world, it has also
provided start-ups and small business owners with a huge collection of
management apps that can help entrepreneurs start a new business or expand
their existing enterprise. From business card designers to automated
bookkeepers, business owners can find nearly everything imaginable in a
business app store. These apps can fulfill your small business needs and provide
you with a cost effective way to launch your new ventures.

Here is a list of some of the apps that can help small scale business
organizations grow and manage their businesses:

1. 5 Minute Business Plan (By Mission HQ Pty. Ltd.)
This app is really helpful for start-ups or those who are planning to start a new
business but do not have adequate information about the business world. For
starting a new business, the first thing you need is a properly chalked business
plan that can help you find sponsors and investors, etc. Although most business
owners hire a business consultant, this business planner can do it for FREE. The
device requires that you to enter basic information like the nature of your
business, your corporate budget, etc., and it creates the right business plan for
you. All you need to do is install this app on your iOS gadget. Moreover, you can
also learn the basics of starting a small business.

2. Small Business Guide (Google Play); How to Organize
a Small Business (iTunes) (By Intersog)

This app aims at educating small business owners about different terminologies
used in the business world. It is very important for new entrepreneurs to learn
the basics of the mainstream business before actually stepping into this world.
The app is an inclusive pocket guide that can help business owners avoid scams
by teaching them about different types of business requirements. Moreover,
business owners can also learn about corporate tax filing and preparation
through this smart app.

3. QuickBooks® Online (By Intuit)
QuickBooks® Online is an amazing accounting and bookkeeping app that allows
business owners to keep a track of their business income and expenditures. The
app also generates accounting reports and provides business owners with the
opportunity to monitor their expenses, profits and investments easily. Business
owners can also pay their employees using the auto payment feature of this app.
Moreover, the app also allows business users to send invoices via email to
clients, thus eliminating the need for sitting behind a desk for hours creating,
printing and mailing invoices.

4. Business Card Designer (By Alteru Inc.)
Although there are a number of online means of promoting your small business,
you will still need a professional business card. Gone are the days when you had
to consult a card designer for outlining your business card because you can now
rely on Business Card Designer to design a customized business card in just
$0.99. This app offers unique layout options for users and provides them with an
opportunity to promote their business in a cost effective way.

You can also explore a number of other apps in the Google Play or iTunes app
store. Although you can download free trial versions of some of these apps, to avail their full set of features, you may have to purchase the complete version of
these apps.

Best Accounting Apps for Managing Your Small Business

Managing business accounts was never easier. Although the sluggish global
financial market is posing several challenges for small business owners, a host of
business administration apps has made business management easier than ever.
These advanced tools can assist you in every aspect of your business, from
keeping track of transactions to promoting your business.
Here is a review of the many amazing small business managing apps:

1. Wave
Wave is an easy to use money management app that allows you to record your
business transactions and expenses. The app generates pie charts in order to
compare the expenses of current month with the previous month. This allows
business owners to pinpoint and cut down on unnecessary expenditures. Wave is
compatible with all web browsers, and you can also install this app on your
mobile phone (if it has the supporting OS).

2. QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks is a well-established business accounting software program and is
considered one of the most reliable apps for managing small business financials.
The authenticity and trustworthiness of the software is evident because it is
supported by Intuit, a renowned accounting and tax software developer. The app
not only allows you to manage your business sales, but it also provides you with
a number of innovative and user friendly features to keep track of your
expenses. Moreover, the app also has online banking and automated estimate
options. You can even invoice your clients while on the go. QuickBooks Online is
compatible with multiple OS, and it can be easily installed on any mobile device
(iPhone, iPad, smartphone, and tablet).

3. Xero
Xero is an award-wining business management tool that has garnered immense
appreciation from IT reviewers and users. The app is extremely user friendly and
provides business owners with a straightforward approach to business
accounting. The app facilities accurate checks on business transactions by
allowing you to take snapshots of incoming and outgoing money. Apart from
generating accounting reports, Xero also serves the purpose of an efficient
monitoring tool for business owners.

4. FreshBooks
FreshBooks is designed for start-ups and online business owners. Like
QuickBooks, this app facilitates online business transactions from any computer or mobile device, and your data is always backed up and secure. It also allows
business owners to bill their customers via e-invoices.
Automated apps have revolutionized business management.

To keep an accurate track of your business expenses, consider trying one of these apps. Each has its benefits. Of course, with the most current release, QuickBooks Online offers the best and most flexible option. If you have questions on any of these software programs contact the Brilliant Solutions Group today!

Manage Your Business Efficiently On the Go

Incredible advancements in the technology have now enabled businesses to run much more efficiently than ever before. The internet has now provided ways for a company’s employees to work on the go – something that was previously impossible to achieve. These advancements have considerably increased the productivity levels by allowing people to work no matter where they are.

If you travel a lot for business purposes, then you won’t be missing your desk at all; thanks to these applications, you can easily continue working on your smartphone or tablet.

1. Track Your Finances with QuickBooks
Now you can easily check on your finances with QuickBooks mobile application. The free app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. QuickBooks Mobile automatically links up with your QuickBooks Online Account. You can even create invoices on the go.

2. Keep a Track on the Time with TimePunch Lite
Time is money, but it can be difficult to manage. TimePunch Lite can help you track your time and streamline your workflow. You can easily track your mileage, create lists, notes and add audio recordings of any ideas that cross your mind to review them later!

3. Manage Projects Smoothly with Project Schedule Free
Do you have trouble managing your projects? If so, Project Schedule Free would be an excellent tool to be included in your on-the-go arsenal. This nifty application allows you to manage all of your projects and their resources. You can also work on several projects at once using Gantt charts and custom calendars.

4. Reach Out To Your Customers with Zoho CRM
CRM or Customer Relationship Management is extremely important for the growth of your business. With Zoho CRM application, you can reach out to your customers more effectively. Whether you want to generate sales, track your sales or check on your leads, Zoho CRM’s free version allows you to connect with a maximum of 3 users. As you expand your business, you would want to look into other packages offered by Zoho to meet your increasing needs.

5. Manage Social Media with Hootsuite
Social media is the new trend in marketing. Since the inception of famous social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, a growing number of businesses have had a new platform to carry out their marketing practices. You can now easily consolidate all your accounts with Hootsuite along with keeping track of your target audience.

6. Increase Your Sales with Handshake Sales Order Manager
Handshake Sales Order Manager is an amazing application that simplifies the process of creating sales orders. All you need to do is add images and description of your products into the database, and sales orders will automatically be generated – streamlining the sales process in a professional way.

7. Monitor and Control Security of Your Office with ADT Pulse
Being on the go doesn’t mean you have no control over the security of your office. ADT Pulse is an application that allows you to arm or disarm your security systems, control the thermostat and receive essential alerts.

Want more tips to manage your business on the go? Check out article 5 Apps to Help You Manage Your Business on the Move.

Best Smart Business Apps of 2013

The smart technology has matured considerably over past few years. Many software developers have been designing smart apps for mobile and portable devices. These apps are not only intelligent but also user-friendly. Like every field, smart technology has also influenced the business world. Many business owners who do not have bundant resources or capital to manage their business are relying on these affordable apps.

Companies like Intuit have developed a wide range of highly efficient apps that have minimized human involvement in various business processes, which helps on minimize errors. Some of the apps that have received immense appreciation and positive response from small and mid-sized business entrepreneurs in 2013 are:

1. QuickBooks
One of the best products of Intuit, QuickBooks has been dominating the world of business management apps for several years. Equipped with an assortment of innovative features, this smart app is designed to meet all the accounting and bookkeeping requirements of small and mid-sized businesses and start-ups.QuickBooks can create daily and monthly financial reports that help entrepreneurs track their business expenditures. Moreover, this app can also assist business owners in sending business invoices; accept payments through credit cards and calculating payroll taxes. The mobile version of the app has allowed business owners to manage their corporate tasks through their Smartphones.

2. Minute – Meeting Collaboration
Minute is designed to increase collaboration among employees. With Minute installed on your iPad, employees can stay connected with each other and can communicate through video calling, text messages or emails. The app provides a virtual workplace environment to employees. You can run a meeting anywhere.Moreover, employers can also regulate business reminders, to-do lists and meeting circulations among all employees through cell phones. All you need is a reliable internet connection to stay connected with your employees or colleagues.

3. Kashoo Accounting
Kashoo is another easy to use and reliable accounting app for small business owners. You do not need a tutorial to learn about this app. Just install the software app on your tablet device (with supporting OS), and you are ready to reap its benefits. The app can assist you with viewing transactions, creating accounting reports and recording payments. For small businesses with limited needs, Kashoo Accounting is a simple, cost effective accounting and bookkeeping tool.

4. Mailstrom
Most business owners rely on email for exchanging important business information and files. Mailstrom is a smart app that assists you with handling, organizing and arranging large numbers of emails. You can customize the app settings to categorize contacts. The app also allows business owners to filter unwanted or spam mails.

5. Trello
Trello is designed to assist entrepreneurs manage large and complex projects. The app allows users to break large projects into several smaller modules and schedule its completion. You can install this app on your laptop or compatible mobile device.

Business software development companies are making efforts to provide small and mid-sized entrepreneurs with innovative management apps to manage their businesses effectively. Take a look at these tools. Test them out. You will be surprised at the increased productivity you will experience.

Streamlining Accounting for Small Businesses Using Online QuickBooks

If you are a small business owner or have any relation to the industry, you have probably heard of QuickBooks. The accounting solution has taken the small business industry by storm and has managed to become the online accounting software of choice for millions of small businesses in just a few short years. One might wonder what it is about QuickBooks Online that has made it such a sensation among small business owners and entrepreneurs. Let’s take a look!

Intuitive and Easy-to-Use

The software is incredibly easy to buy, setup, and implement. A simple download and a small monthly subscription is all it takes to get the bookkeeping sensation running on your system. All the necessary accounting functions are implemented within the software in a way that even novices can handle and keep track of business finances without much help. Whether you have to issue invoices, or reconcile the bank accounts, QuickBooks makes it all a breeze for beginners and veterans alike. To get started contact us today!

Accessible from Anywhere

Being a cloud based service, business owners and anyone that has been given permission can access the company’s financial records from anywhere in the world, provided that an internet connection is available. All finances and bookkeeping for the business are stored and managed at a single place with the capability of worldwide access without delay. With the new and improved version that was recently released, the developers of the software have included the capability to access your business’ books on smartphones too! If that is not convenience incarnate, we don’t know what is!

Painless Collaboration

Multiple users can edit and manage financial reports based on the level of access that has been granted to them by the administrator, usually the business owner. This means, your bookkeeper, employees and anyone else you allow can make changes on the same report if necessary. The administrator can design their own set of permissions and restrictions for each user to make sure no unwanted changes are made.

Easy Importing and Exporting of Data

All your financial account information (bank and credit card accounts) can be easily imported into the accounting software if needed, which is then automatically reconciled through the software. If you need to export the data, the process is fairly simple. Data and information can also be imported from other accounting solutions if you were using software solutions like Peachtree or the desktop versions of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks has essentially revolutionized the way small businesses manage their accounts with the bevy of easy to use features that have been made available. Advanced features like the ability to create custom reports using preset templates or editing the standard ones are available for increased convenience. Best of all, the pricing structure is quite economical and is reasonably affordable for most small business owners. Considering all the features that are available and the convenience, QuickBooks Online might just be the answer you have been waiting for!

For more information contact the Brilliant Solutions Group today, or check out these great resources!

Which Version of QuickBooks Online is Right for your Business?

5 Apps to Help You Manage Your Business on the Move

With ever-evolving technology and the demand of today’s economy, business owners are expected to be on top of things at all times. Obviously, one can’t be in the office 24/7. A person generally has several engagements that require one to be on the move. That’s where smartphone apps come in! Developers, anticipating the need of modern business owners, have developed an astonishing array of apps tailored for business productivity. We’ve complied a list of some handy apps that can help you in managing your business on the go.

1. QuickBooks – Your Business’ Financials in Your Pocket
No surprises here, QuickBooks is used by approximately 1.3 million customers around the globe, and is considered by many to be the finest accounting solution for small businesses. QuickBooks software is a complete solution for all of your business’ financial needs. The new online version can sync all data across the computer, iPhone, iPad or Android platforms. Need to send an estimate to a client while you’re waiting at the coffee stand? No problem! QuickBooks makes such tasks a breeze from your smartphone.
2. Desk – Stay Connected with Your Customers Anywhere, Anytime
Staying connected with clients is critical for small business owners. With Desk, you can see all your customers in one place; enabling you to engage with them through various channels, including major social media platforms, email, phone and discussion forums. Never miss any client related notification with Desk. Desk runs on any device that supports HTML5, including all Android and iOS devices.
3. WebEx – Conduct Full-fledged Meetings in HD on the Move
Conducting meeting, webinars and conferences on the go has never been easier. Networking industry giant, Cisco, has come up with WebEx; the foremost mobile solution for scheduling, hosting and attending meetings. With WebEx, you can share presentations, graphics, notes, etc, with all the attendees, in High Definition video no less!
4. Box – Store and Share Business Files in the Cloud
Possibly the most popular cloud storage app for mobile devices in professional circles, Box enables you to store, share and even edit documents right on your smartphone. All information is stored in the cloud, thus ensuring that people you allow can access the same from smart devices anywhere in the world. Whether you need to store a presentation for later editing, or simply need to share documents with your business partners, Box is the perfect solution.
5. Evernote – Staying Ahead of Forgetfulness
No list of mobile business productivity apps would be complete without the mention of Evernote –the elephant that never forgets! The most extensive note-taking mobile app, Evernote enables users to type, snap pictures or scribble anything at a moment’s notice! With Evernote, you’ll never forget that brilliant epiphany you had on the plane or in a meeting. Everything you note down is stored on the cloud so you can access your notes on different devices by simply signing in to your account. Start capturing and organizing your business ideas through Evernote!

The gears of business never take a pause. With these mobile apps, you won’t have to either!