‘ Top 100 ProAdvisor ‘ Terumi Echols

With more than 25 years in the accounting and marketing world, there isn’t much that Terumi Echols’ hasn’t seen. What she sees a lot of these days is disruption. Mobile. The cloud. Artificial Intelligence.

The role of today’s accounting professional, as Terumi sees it, continues to evolve into that of an advisor – a trusted ally who can go deeper than what the numbers say for her clients.

She honed her expertise on both the business and creative sides of the business. So when it comes to financial accountability, Terumi, MBA, ACOPA, ACPA, knows what kind of difference a ProAdvisor can make in today’s ever-changing business climate.

As the VP of Client Services for the Brilliant Solutions Group, she works closely with small- and mid-size companies offering services, solutions and support wherever and whenever needed.

The Business Solutions Group’s focus is on providing strategic solutions tailored to meet its clients’ business and industry-specific needs.

What Does It Mean To You To Be Recognized Out Of More Than 200,000 ProAdvisors In The World?

Being recognized means that, in part, the time, energy and effort put into ProAdvisor training is, not only keeping me update on the nuances of the software I love, but it also means I am serving my clients well and staying abreast of business change. ProAdvisors are striving to be the change, and I’m blessed to be one of them.

Your first thoughts on getting news of the honor?

My first thought was, “Wow. How amazing is that? You go girl.” There are so many talented and gifted ProAdvisors. I was shocked and humbled by the recognition.

How has your ProAdvisor practice changed or evolved over the last couple of years?

Today, 95 percent of our clients are using QuickBooks Online with the majority of those using Plus, and 20 percent use integrated apps like Bill.com, Receipt Bank, TSheets, Gusto, Shopify, and others.

Why is continuing to enhance your skills and acumen critical to staying one step ahead of the curve?

The shifts in technology and the disruptors to our industry and our clients seem unending. Small businesses need advisers who are aggressively seeking new ways to help them manage their business activities. They are looking to us to reach beyond the data to provide insights. They are also looking to us to advise them on relationship management, such as connecting them to bankers, lenders and payment processing that works for their businesses, not places just dotting the “i’s” and crossing the “t’s.”

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