What’s New with QuickBooks 2017

The latest version of Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software has arrived. This latest release of the accounting software contains a lot of new features and impressive improvements. Let’s dig in to find out the value added new features of the QuickBooks 2017, so you can decide whether upgrading to the latest version is worth the money.

Scheduled Reports

Scheduled Reports in QB Desktop 2017

If you email QuickBooks reports on a regular basis, you will certainly like the new Scheduled Report feature in QuickBooks Desktop 2017. The new feature allows you to create a schedule to automatically email memorized reports to the recipients. You can select the frequency and time of the day on which to send the report, and the software will do the rest for you. The reports can be scheduled by the Windows Administrator.

Keep in mind that this feature is for single user mode only. The feature will not work with hosted environment or Multi-User Setup. Also, you must have the default email program open on your PC for the feature to work. Lastly, the feature will not work if the PC is turned off or has been placed in hibernation or sleep mode.

2. Locate Vendors and Customers Faster

Find Vendors

Find Customers







Another great new feature in QuickBooks 2017 is the Vendor and Customer Type filter. You can click the magnifying glass under the Vendor tab, and then select the Vendor Type from the drop-down menu. Similarly, you can select the magnifying glass under the Customer and Jobs tab and then click on Customer Type from the drop-down list.

The option greatly helps in searching the required vendor or customer. You can easily locate the information about the vendor or the customer by applying the search filter.

3. Apply Amount Filter

Apply amount filter 1

Apply amount filter 2Apply amount filter 3





A valuable new feature included in QuickBooks Desktop 2017 is amount filter. This will greatly help in finding the required transaction in QuickBooks. You can apply this filter in transaction search (Edit >Search > Amount > Range), reports (Customize Report > Filters > Amount), and advanced find in QuickBooks (Edit > Find and click the Advanced tab).

Note that cash basis reports do not support amount filter. In addition, you won’t be able to apply this filter for multi-currency transactions.

4. View Applied Filters and Deleted Users on QuickBooks Reports


Applied FiltersDelete Users




In QuickBooks Desktop 2017, you can view applied filters on the report when you select the Show button. You can view all the filters and also print them if required. In the printed report, the filters will be shown on the last page.

Apart from the applied filters, you can also view users that you have deleted on the report. In previous versions, the report displayed ‘unknown’ for deleted users. The name of deleted users back to version 2014 will appear in Audit Trail and other reports in QuickBooks.

5. Improved Search Criteria

Search Criteria

Improved Search Criteria









QuickBooks 2017 boasts of improved search criteria. You can select multiple names like Item, Vendor, Customers, and Account Filter. You can find individual names and select and de-select names from the search criteria. The advanced search feature will save a lot of time in finding the required transaction in QuickBooks.

6. Notification in Record Deposits

Record Deposit Notification

In the Banking section of the QuickBooks home screen; you can see a record deposit screen. The latest version of the accounting software now displays a red notification that shows deposits that need to be entered into QuickBooks.

7. Monitor Credit Card Status

Monitor Credit Card Status

A useful new feature in QuickBooks 2017 is that it allows you to keep track of credit card purchase status. Whenever a credit charge has been approved, you will see a ‘Cleared’ stamp next to the transaction. This will make it easier for you to keep tabs on approved credit purchases.

8. Enhanced Multi-user Mode

Enhanced Multi-User Mode

The QuickBooks Admin will certainly like the improved multi-user mode in QuickBooks 2017. Now the admin can easily switch to single-user mode without much of a hassle. You can view who is active and give them enough time to save their work. Moreover, it’s easier to communicate to the users to save their work and log out from QuickBooks. The Admin can give a time limit to the users, and also cancel the time limit if required.

9. Improved Search Feature

The new search feature allows you to see the possible matches when you type in the search field. The program looks at the first few letters that you type in the field and displays the required results. For example, when you type ‘Customer Storage Shed’ in the search box, you can view items that match customer, storage and shed.

Remember that space is required for the program to recognize a word. If you type ‘CustomerShed’, the software will not display the required information.

Apart from the above, QuickBooks 2017 supports additional features and bug fixes. Memorized transaction will not show blank when you have applied the frequency filter. Also, users with no or limited access will not be able to change the general company preferences.

The latest edition of QuickBooks Desktop supports high-resolution monitors. It also supports Windows 10, .Net 4.6, IE 11, and Mozilla thunderbird Email clients.

So, should I Upgrade to QB 2017?

The answer is not that simple.

By reading about the new features include in QB 2017, you will be able to make up your mind on whether or not to make the switch. Updating to the latest version of the accounting software is not the best option for everyone. While there aren’t significant additions to the latest version of the accounting software, many would find the new features helpful while performing their daily work. You must consider the costs involved versus the benefits of upgrading to the latest accounting software. Need help with the decision? Give us a call.


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