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We are a top QuickBooks Solutions Provider & accounting firm specializing in small business accounting, bookkeeping, taxes & QuickBooks setup / support.

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We are accounting professionals and certified QuickBooks experts ready to help you implement the right accounting solutions for your unique business.


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Track, organize and manage your business with the #1 rated accounting solution. Get better discounts when you buy through Brilliant Solutions Group. Fast and easy setup. Easy to integrate. Easy to use. Money-back guarantee.

Accounting & Support Services

Our team of accountants and Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors offer a range of accounting and QuickBooks support services, including data conversions, consulting, implementation, training, custom programming & more.


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We offer live support Monday - Friday, from 10AM - 6PM CT. Call us toll free at 1-800-717-0452.


 Smart integrations expand your capabilities.

With more than 180 apps that you can integrate, QuickBooks is expandable and customizable to meet your unique business needs.

Contact us today for help implementing these and other integrated solutions! Invoices & Payments Tracking
Simplify accounts receiveable and accounts payable managemnt.

TSheets Time Tracking

TSheets Time Tracking
Time tracking and scheduling with GPS. Simple timesheets for payroll.


Expensify Expense Tracking
Easily scan and track your receipts and manage expenses on the go.


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Important pricing terms, offer details, and disclosures

*Receive up to 40% off of current list price for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 19.0 annual subscription when subscribing by June 28, 2019. For the first year, receive a 10% discount off the current list price when licensing 1 to 4 users or receive 40% off the current list price when licensing 5 to 10 or 30 users. Starting at sign up your account on file will be automatically billed for first year at the stated discount for the service you selected. After first year, your account on file will be automatically charged on a monthly or annual basis at the then-current subscription fee for the plan and service you selected, until you cancel. Offer valid for new QuickBooks Enterprise customers only and cannot be combined with other QuickBooks Enterprise offers. Terms, conditions, pricing, features, service and support are subject to change without notice.

For QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting, contact a Brilliant Solutions Group Representative. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting is a subscription and only available on a monthly payment plan. If you purchase QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting user licenses 1-10, you must purchase an equal number of hosted users as you purchase Enterprise licenses. If you wish to purchase QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting with 11-30 licenses, please call for custom pricing.

The Hosting Service element of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting is a monthly subscription. Each month, your account will be automatically charged the agreed-upon price of the Hosting service unless and until you cancel. Cancel at any time by calling Intuit at 800-300-8179, prior to your monthly renewal date. When a customer calls to cancel, it is canceled and refunded at the date through the end of current billing period. The QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise software portion of the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting bundle is a annual subscription.

If you choose to purchase QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise using the Monthly Payment Plan or QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting, you elect to pay your annual subscription in equal payments over the course of 12 months. Purchasing an annual subscription for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise commits you to a 12 month term. You must pay for all 12 months of the subscription in full based on the then current rate of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. If you choose to cancel inside the first 60 days, you can opt to receive a refund per the 60 day money back guarantee (see for details). However, if you choose to cancel after the first 60 days and prior to the end of month 12 you will be subject to a termination fee equal to the amount of monthly payments left on your annual subscription. For purpose of clarity, if you pay for 6 months and have 6 months remaining on your annual subscription, which starts at date of enrollment, you will be charged a termination fee equal to the then current monthly fee of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise multiplied by 6 months (remaining months left on annual subscription).

Terms, conditions, pricing, service and support options are subject to change without notice.